The International Truck Parts Association was organized with 46 charter member companies in September 1974, as a not for profit association to promote, foster, and improve relationships among sellers and buyers of trucks and truck surplus products and other parties. A major purpose of ITPA is to exchange information and to improve and advance the truck parts aftermarket.

Membership in ITPA is limited to firms, associations, or corporations who are engaged solely in the sale, service and stocking of motor trucks, truck parts and components, and to suppliers whose products or services are used in the industry. Eligibility — Any individual, firm, partnership, or corporation engaged in the business of dismantling and salvaging of used parts from motor vehicles, selling new and/or rebuilt truck parts and components, or government surplus for at least three years shall be eligible for Direct Membership in the Association, provided that, if other than an individual, the entity shall be a wholly privately-owned, wholly private investor-owned enterprise or publically held corporation.

As part of its application for membership, each Direct Member, which is not an individual, shall appoint and certify to the Secretary of the Association a person to be its representative to the Association, such representative shall vote and act for the Direct Member in the affairs of the Association. The dues for Active Members are $645.00 USD per year. Applicants are required to have three written endorsements from current ITPA Active Members. The ITPA office will assist applicants in obtaining these endorsements.

For membership information call 1-866-346-5692 or apply online.

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