January 2021 Bulletin

29 January 2021

The ITPA Bulletin is to update members on
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ITPA Board

With 2020 having no Spring and Fall Meeting, all board members have agreed to extend their terms and positions for a year. We want to avoid further disruption to the association. It's a COVID mulligan.

Reach out to the board or the ITPA office (866-346-5692) if you have any concerns. Board Members: https://itpa.com/about/board
ATTENTION MEMBERS: The board met last week to discuss the April meeting. The current environment of: shifting regulations on gatherings, company freezes on travel, and uncertain attendance has the board and the ITPA office leaning toward postponing the April meeting in Cincinnati until 2022. That said, what are your thoughts.

Please answer the following 2 questions by clicking the "Select" button across from yes or no:
If we continue and have the 2021 April Meeting in Cincinnati, would you plan on attending?
With what you know today, would you plan on attending the fall meeting in Destin, Florida?