2015 May Bulletin

11 May 2015

Indy was a Racing Success

What a turn out! The most attendance in many, many years. We topped off at 110 representing 58 companies. Great tours as well as great presentations proved to be the draw. In addition to networking opportunities, the ITPA meetings provide access to world class speakers and facilities. Cummins toured us through their Columbus Midrange Engine Plant where we saw the entire assembly of engines destined for Freightliner and Dodge. Joe Leffel from Power Train Service guided us through one of their rebuilding and warehouse facilities and fed the group a fantastic lunch. Being local, the ITPA office leaned heavily on Mr. Leffel so an extra special thank you. Our last tour was the Eaton/CEVA Logistics warehouse where we donned fluorescent yellow vests and dodged quick moving forklift operators picking orders.

For entertainment we visited Fasttimes, an indoor Go-Kart track recommended by a racing enthusiast, Jeff Rife.

During our orientation, and after the waiver signing, we were warned repeatedly, "the karts are fast". The warnings still didn't prevent injuries like: bruised ribs, broken/cracked ribs, and a near kneecap removal. When the injured were asked how they were doing, they responded with a variation of, "I'm a little banged up but it was FUN." Winners pictured left: 1st Casey Erickson - Erickson Trux-n-Parts, 2nd Rodney Davies - WestOz Phoenix, and 3rd Jake Erickson - Erickson Trux-n-Parts.

For our business meetings Steve Riordan, Chairman of CCC Parts gave an industry update, Dave Scheer from Inland Truck Parts talked about aspects of Right to Repair, and Ron Banchiere moderated a panel with well thought out questions. Panel members were Frank Camerota, Dave Scheer, and Tim Nickel from Vander Haags.

Another thank you to our sponsors for their support of ITPA: Inter-Continental Gear, DT Components, CCC Parts Company, Tor Truck (USA), Midwest Truck & Auto, General Truck Parts, NTN Bearings, Truck Parts Solutions, and S&S Truck Parts.

More ITPA members need to take advantage of the programs for Spring and Fall. We hope to see you at a meeting soon!


ITPA Strategic Planning Meeting in March
Every five years, the Board at their own expense, travels to meet with a Strategic Planning facilitator. Attendees were Chairman Jake Rea-Michigan Truck Parts, Vice Chairman Gerard Zentner-Capital Gear, Andy Mundy-S&S Truck Parts, Paul Cipolla-American Truck Sales, Shawn Andringa-Vander Haags, Past Chairman Greg Mundy-Inland Truck Parts, and ITPA Executive Director Scott Tetz. We wanted to build on the strength and momentum of the association. The process was fairly simple, leadership cohesion analysis, situational analysis, assumptions, and working plan. We came away with key objectives, complete with accountability:

  1. Increase meeting attendance. In addition to personal callouts and current methodology the ITPA will increase the speaker budget to attract better speakers. The Convention Committee at the leadership of Gerard Zentner and in the fall Paul Cipolla will work to improve the meeting content, tours, and social activities.
  2. Leverage Technology to improve ITPA as a source of information. Because this was a wide ranging and complex aspect of the plan, a Technology Committee was struck as Shawn Andringa as chair. Volunteer for the committee if you're technically inclined; contact the ITPA office 866-346-5692. One part of the technology plan was to include more photos and videos on the ITPA website. Our plan was already implemented at the meeting in Indy. If you have any photos or video you'd like to share, email Scott at [email protected].
  3. Maintain a pipeline of future ITPA committee members for board member selection. In the past, a board position was mostly honorary. The board was reduced to seven members from twelve which makes each seat more demanding. So today, board member nominees are chosen from volunteers on committees. (The ITPA bylaws do have a provision to nominate a board member with 3 recommendations from members in good standing.)
  4. Management of ITPA was contracted to Truck Parts Solutions (TPS). While talking about finances it came to the attention of the board, the management fees TPS charges, do not cover the expenses incurred. The fees also have not been raised since 2000. Management of the association requires a lot more work than 15 years ago. The board reviewed the management fees and renewwed the management contract. In order to facilitate growth, keep up with communication, and provide better services to the ITPA membership, dues and meeting registration will increase marginally. 
  5. The ITPA brand has been around since the 70s. In keeping with the forward direction, the board decided to look at some more modern representations of its brand. Inland Truck Parts generously offered the services of their graphic artist, Andrea McDaniel. Pick your favorite, keeping in mind we need to use this on the mobile devices, web, and in print.

Our facilitator, Harrison Coerver who also facilitated the last planning meeting, was impressed with the turn around in the ITPA: membership increases, meeting attendance, and board rating of the performance of the ITPA. The next five years prove to be exciting for the industry and the ITPA.

ITPA Communications
Jake Rea, ITPA Chairman, commented at the the most recent board meeting the ITPA needs to do a better job communicating to the members. Click here for the Board's plan. Jake Rea, ITPA Chairman, commented at the the most recent board meeting the ITPA needs to do a better job communicating to the members. The plan dovetails with work the board did at the 5-year Strategic Planning meeting this March:

  1. The Board and Committees will be more visible and accessible to the membership at meetings and during the year.
  2. The ITPA will institute a more formal Annual General Meeting (AGM) where members will be able to address the leadership at the Fall Meeting.
  3. The Board will move to a two-part board meeting: an Executive Session for board member and invites; and an open session for members bring up other matters to discuss.

Of course, members are welcome to discuss matters with board members and committee members at anytime during the year.