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26 September 2016


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Fraud Alert

9/22/16 UPDATE: 
The license plate number we have for these individuals came back fictitious. Thus far, the thieves have hit the following states: NJ, PA, MI, OH, KY, and IN as recent as 09/20/2016. Anyone working in this industry should get copies of license plates and driver's licenses from their customers...even if someone just wants to walk around your yard. Currently there is an open investigation and with everyone's help we can catch these individuals and put an end to their crime spree. See original notice below for more details.

Original Notice from 8/31/16:
BEWARE! Recently there have been several reported cases of individuals breaking into yards to specifically steal Detroit and Cummins injectors along with ECM's out of complete engines. The thieves then reassemble the valve covers to make it look as if the engines have not been disturbed. The break-ins generally occur at night or when your yard is closed and the thieves are very good at avoiding any cameras you may have onsite.

Coincidentally, companies have also reported two shady characters coming into yards during business hours under the name Stevens Industrial Corp. Their business cards indicate they are from Alabama, but their license plate was from Illinois. They come into the yard and ask to see all your injectors and ECM's.

These individuals say they are interested in buying a truckload of complete motors. At the same time, they ask for other smaller items at a discounted rate based on the premise that they will be making a large purchase of engines. They promise to pay for the engines via a forthcoming wire transfer while taking the smaller items with them (at a discounted price or without paying at all).

While a direct link/accusation cannot be made between these two individuals and the thefts, the commonalities warrant everyone's attention. If anyone has had similar experiences, please contact us. Pictures of the men involved and a license plate number of the vehicle used can be provided upon request. Any information you may have related to this matter is greatly appreciated.

The ITPA Fall Meeting
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2016 ITPA Fall Meeting
Lodge and Club Resort
Ponte Vedra, FL
October 20-22, 2016
Speakers: Tim Conner, Sandy Landgren from Meritor, and Skip Potter from NASTF.
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