ITPA November 2015 Bulletin

22 August 2017


ITPA November 2015 Bulletin
The ITPA Bulletin keeps you up-to-date on association information, meetings, and gatherings.
Annual General Meeting

The ITPA is trying a different meeting format to include more member feedback. At the Fall Meeting in San Antonio, the ITPA had an Annual General Meeting, along with closed board meetings. Instead of members and board members rushing to a meeting as soon as they get off the plane, they can informally discuss issues at the opening reception and dinner. The Annual General Meeting lends to more transparency. All members who attend the morning meetings in the fall will have their say.

and a vote was taken for the following:

1. Private board meetings: 28 Yes, 4 No

2. ITPA Logo vote: Existing logo - 0,
Logo 2 - 18, Logo 3 - 24

The board members are available to answer any questions you have about these two decisions.

ITPA Meetings

Welcome Our Newest Board Members!  

        Rudy Niswanger                                       Sarah Anderson 
 Consolidated Truck Parts & Service                                 Anderson Brothers Portland

Fall 2015 Stories

DeDe Murcer-Moffet gave an impassioned speech about getting out of your comfort
zone. To illustrate her point, she recruited several people from the audience to get up and dance. Yes, that's! She encouraged us to expand our possibilities and do things outside our boxes. That's where your greatest possibilities exist. "Our box" is the self limiting restrictions we give to ourselves. Don't let regret hold you back because failure doesn't determine your future. One last suggestion was to visualize your success, but don't visualize without bringing your fear with you. If you bring your fear into the vision, when your vision comes true, its easier to weather any anxiety you may have.

ITPA and a Gun Range

Disbelief and shock
gripped the ITPA office when members picked a gun range for an activity. As one member put it, "We almost killed ourselves on go-karts, I can't believe you're taking us to a gun range!" That said, it was a fantastic outing and a great activity. We were setup with shotguns, assault rifles, and different kinds of pistols. The staff at Nardis were friendly and informative.
It was a lot of fun!

Tour of Grande Truck Center
John Torres and his crew rolled out the red carpet for the ITPA. Grande is a very diverse company: light duty dealership, hydraulics, Volvo, Mack, and millions in OE and aftermarket parts. They have 74 people in the parts department and ship using their 18 delivery trucks. Its one busy place. After the tour, we were treated to a delicious lunch and Grande swag. Thank you to John and Grande Truck Center for their hospitality.
Michell Barnes has a Taste for Italian Cars

Mitchell Barnes retired from his long truck parts career with Spare Parts. He was also a long time member of the ITPA. To prove there is life after truck parts, Mitchell agreed to let us publish his local news story. With no kids, no wife, and plenty of retirement cash, Mitchell Barnes decided to buy his first Ferrari. That started his collection of 38 Italian sport cars. To house this impressive collection, Barnes is constructing a massive steal and glass structure in his neighborhood in Lexington, KY. He admitted to media personal that this 34 car garage and attached glass house was, "all something [he] dreamed up." When asked why he was building this, he responded, "Because I wanted it." He was been stirring up lots of curiosity as construction takes place. He intends to live in this professionally designed, modern steel and glass house right next to his precious cars.

Right to Repair Update

Greg Mundy from Inland Truck Parts talked to the group about the recent signing of the Right to Repair Memorandum. More details will come as they become available.

                                             Employee Satisfaction Survey

SESCO has an employee satisfaction survey for your employees. Get an inside look using this very thorough tool. 

                                                                Click here for a sample.
HDAW - ITPA Meet and Greet

Join us for snacks, drinks, and camaraderie at Heavy Duty Aftermarket 2.0. 

The Mirage - Las Vegas, NV
January 25-28, 2016

To register click HERE
or visit

We hope to see you there!