September 2017 ITPA Bulletin

05 September 2017


ITPA Fall Meeting
Join us at the Historic Del Coronado 
WE ARE ALMOST OUT OF ROOMS AT $259/NIGHT RATE. You can still book later but you may be 
quoted a higher room night rate.

The ITPA invites you to a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from a leader in the ultimate efficiency in team work under the most distressed of situations. For security reasons, we are not able to discuss his identity prior to the event and no cell phone use or photography will be allowed.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation with the security measures. We are excited to share this opportunity with you and hope you are able to attend.
For the ladies we have a a wonderful Champagne Yacht Cruise-With such a unique view of the city, there should be no rush when taking it all in. Your San Diego cruise will be as peaceful as the water, relax onboard and we take care of everything. The Aolani is looking forward to showing you a great time.

For all meeting details click here:
Speakers & Entertainment: 
Special Guest Speaker
Scott deMoulin - Working ON Your Business
Mark Eddie - He's Back Again! One of the best entertainers we've had.

Thank you to our Sponsors for Fall 2017:
ITPA Board Member Online Election 

Well, we had a false start with the election. The first ballot didn't work with the password provided. In order to maintain integrity of the election, the first election has been closed. Another ballot will be emailed 9:45am MST.

It's been a long time since we've had an election for board members. There are 2 seats to fill and 3 candidates. Primary members, we need your votes. Here are the details:
1. Election will be starting September 5th at 9am EST.
2. You will receive an email from 
3. Follow the instructions on the email.
4. Only one vote per Primary Member.*
5. Voting ends September 19th at 5pm EST.
PLEASE NOTE: During testing, wasn't able to email one address. In case you do not receive your ballot, call the ITPA office for the link: 1-866-346-5692 or 

*In the unlikely event multiple votes are received from one Primary Member and the votes are different, the highest ranking employee's vote will count. 
Application for Associate Membership 

PAI Industries, Inc. 
950 Northbrook Parkway
Suwanee, GA  30024
Phone: 1-800-654-3721

Contact: Tom Burton - Regional Sales Manager, Southeast USA 
Year Established: 1973

Manufacturer/distributor of truck parts

Jack Lyons Truck Parts, Inc. - Jack Lyons Jr.
LKQ Corp. - Mark Hardisty
Suncoast Rebuild Center, Inc. - Peter McCabe
ITPA Bylaw Changes Complete

Thank you for all who helped with the bylaw changes. The board has enacted the changes. 

Below are the changes to the completed bylaws:
1. Article IV, Section III - Membership applications will be accepted on board majority instead of three quarters or greater vote.
"Applicants for Primary or Associate Membership shall become Members at the discretion of the board and when approved by majority vote of the Board of Directors. Applications shall be considered by the Board only at its regularly scheduled or special meetings."
2. Article IV, Section VIII - Initially, this was a separate article but moved under Members article. For member payment delinquencies, the verbiage was changed from 3 months of issuance of invoice to 3 months of the year the dues are paying. 
Reason: It gives the ITPA office collection flexibility before involving the board. 
3. The "2013-10-17 ITPA Bylaws" had many spelling errors and poor formatting. Without changing the text or the spirit of the bylaws, spelling, formatting, and structure were addressed. As a part of this change electronic methods of communication were added to make the the bylaws current. 
Reason: To clean up and make the bylaws easier to read. Also, to accommodate electronic methods for association communication. 
4. Article IV, Section VII - Change of Ownership verbiage changed from having the member "reapply" to having the board "reassess" membership.  
Reason: Prevents attrition of membership. Ownership changes happen all the time and is very restrictive the way the bylaw is currently written.
Thoughts? Comments? Please email or talk to a board member or the ITPA office. We want to hear from you.
Scott Babich- Midwest Truck & Auto 
Shawn Andringa- Vander Haag's, Inc. 
Andy Mundy- S&S Truck Parts 
Sarah Barber (Anderson)- Anderson Bros Inc. 
Rudy Niswanger- Consolidated Truck Parts 
Gerard Zentner- Capital Gear
Ryan Hochmiller- Active Truck Parts
Scott Tetz - ITPA Executive Director
Detroit Diesel to Buy Mascot Truck Parts 
Detroit Diesel Remanufacturing announced today that it is acquiring the U.S. and Canadian business operations of Mascot Truck Parts.
By adding Mascot Truck Parts to its portfolio, Detroit Reman says it is strengthening its commitment to a superior customer experience in the driveline aftermarket.
"Mascot is a great fit for us, both in terms of product and distribution," stated Sanjiv Khurana, president Detroit Reman. "Mascot's portfolio complements our driveline products. We will also be able to leverage Mascot's national footprint to offer a better customer experience and a faster turnaround time for our customers."
"We are excited about this alliance. With Detroit Reman we will have the opportunity to enhance our level of service through inventory improvements for all our customers," added Bill Statham, president of Mascot Truck Parts.
Mascot Truck Parts will continue all operations and functions and support all customers from its Remanufacturing Centers of Excellence in Plainfield, IN and Mississauga, ON.