Convention, Member Bulletin & Directory, and with Other Orgs/Associations


The independent Heavy Duty Truck Parts & Service Industry


Library knowledge Database, 1on1, and Group: Panels, Outside Speakers, Member Speakers


Technical Information, Business Support, Industry Insights

Our Purpose

At the ITPA our purpose is Connecting People and Sharing Knowledge. How do we do this? We foster connection between our members during our fall and spring conventions, monthly member bulletins and our member directory. Connection is not only within our group, but also with other related organizations and associations. Our People? The Independent Heavy Duty Truck Parts & Service Industry. How does the ITPA facilitate sharing knowledge between our members? Through our extensive library knowledge database, one on one connections between members and as a group through member panels, member presentations, and invited outside speakers. What knowledge is shared? Anything and everything, but primarily technical information, business support services, and industry insights.

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