Apply to become an ITPA member

Membership in ITPA is limited to firms, associations, or corporations who are engaged solely in the sale, service and stocking of motor trucks, truck parts and components, and to suppliers whose products or services are used in the industry. The dues for Active Members are $745.00 USD per year.

Membership criteria is evaluated. Your application will be received but will not be processed until the evaluation is complete.

If you have multiple locations, you will be able to add those addresses in once your application has been approved.

Applicants are required to have three written endorsements from current ITPA Active Members.

Please select at least one specialty

During ITPA meetings, SMS messages will be sent to alert attendees of any updates or changes. You can receive these updates if you provide ITPA your cell phone number below. Your cell phone number will not be shared with anybody or sold. It will only be used to update ITPA meeting attendees.