About ITPA

The International Truck Parts Association (ITPA) was formed in 1974. The member companies deal in new, used, rebuilt, and reconditioned parts for heavy- and medium-duty trucks. Many of the members are component rebuilders.

The intention is to keep ITPA to a size that allows members to become acquainted with one another and familiar with their specialties.

ITPA's primary activities are to stage two meetings a year to discuss mutual industry issues, networking, marketing methods and transact business. A quarterly bulletin with ITPA and industry news is published and sent to all members.

Other publications, reprints, etc., are distributed to members on matters in which ITPA has an interest.

ITPA is a member of National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) in Washington, D.C. Through it, ITPA members can obtain a variety of insurance coverage and discounts on express and freight services, car rentals, Dun & Bradstreet credit services and other items.

ITPA is a revenue sharing partner of HDAW (Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week). Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week is an annual business to business conference that focuses on only the Independent Heavy Duty Aftermarket Distributor Industry.

ITPA also undertakes special projects to benefit members such as publishing a directory of casting numbers for Drivetrain components.

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